Executive Committee

Dr. Jane Duff


Dr Jane Duff has been a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the National Spinal Injury Centre (NSIC), Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust since 2008 and became Head of the NSIC Department of Clinical Psychology in 2016.  Jane completed her Doctoral Research in Post Traumatic Stress and Spinal Cord Injury at the Salisbury Spinal Centre in the UK and joined Stoke Mandeville in 1997.  Jane has published research in coping and adjustment, post traumatic stress, quality of life and rehabilitation/goal planning.  1997-2010 Jane served on a variety of local and national committees of the Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology and Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society. As a member of the NSIC Leadership team she supported the CARF reaccreditation in 2014 and 2018 and was convenor for the UK 31 st Guttmann Meeting in 2014. She is currently the UK and Ireland Spinal Injury Psychology Advisory Group representative on the NHS England SCI Working Group. Jane has additional training as a coach and is interested in enabling service user’s experience of healthcare to be collaborative, facilitating the development of lifelong self-management skills.  Jane joined the ESPA Leadership team in 2016 following the untimely passing of Professor Paul Kennedy and was nominated as Chair at the Oxford Conference in 2017 @DuffJs on Twitter

Dr. Peter Lude

Committee Member

Together with Professor Paul Kennedy and Dr Magnus Elfström, Dr Peter Lude is one of the ESPA founding members. In 1984, he had an accident resulting in a tetraplegia. After one year of rehabilitation, Peter studied psychology at the University of Bern where he added a 4-year postgraduate training in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. In 2009, he completed postgraduate training in clinical hypnosis; in 2016, postgraduate training in the person- centered approaches. He has been working in private practice since 1994. In 2004, he was awarded the Ludwig Guttmann-Prize by the German Speaking Society for Paraplegia together with Yvonne Lude; and in 2011, together with Paul Kennedy and Magnus Elfström was again recognised. Peter has been an affiliate faculty member of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre and the Swiss Paraplegic Research since 2004. He had been a lecturer in rehabilitation psychology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Applied Psychology, Zurich, for eight years, where he still works as an expert, and is a lecturer at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Department of Health Science, Zurich. He has been involved in national and international research projects, published and co-edited books, chapters and articles in scientific journals on the coping and adjustment process of spinal cord injury; and in 2012, developed modules of elearnsci.org , and leads on updates. In 2009, Peter was elected as a member of the municipal council, he is currently Vice-Mayor and head of the health department, education department and age department.

Dr. Magnus Elfström

Committee Member

Dr Magnus Elfström is a member of the committee since 2005, when ESPA was founded. He is an associate professor (Reader) at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna/Västerås, Sweden, where he works as a senior lecturer of psychology and vice-leader of a research group in behavioural medicine, health and lifestyle. Magnus gained his doctorate from the University of Gothenburg in 2000, based on the thesis Coping strategies and health-related quality of life in persons with traumatic spinal cord lesion. He earned his license to practise as a psychologist in 1999 and has since then worked within: rehabilitation assessment at a national hospital; treatment of dental fear in the public dental service; and external evaluations of rehabilitation outcomes in different projects in the public sector. Scientifically, Magnus has published widely in international medical, psychological and odontological journals, and coping and quality of life in spinal cord injury has been one of his core themes. In 2011, Peter Lude, Paul Kennedy and Magnus Elfström were awarded the Ludwig-Guttmann-Award from the German speaking medical society for paraplegia.

Dr. Jasmine Hearn


Dr Jasmine Hearn is a lecturer in psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, and primarily teaches Health Psychology and Research Methods. Her research, conducted in conjunction with The National Spinal Injuries Centre, specialises in neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury. In 2014, her PhD work qualitatively exploring the experience of neuropathic pain after SCI was awarded the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals Award for Outstanding Trainee Research. She is an accredited mindfulness teacher and is particularly interested in mindfulness and its applications to coping with pain and spinal cord injury, as well as in medical training. Jasmine first became involved in the leadership of ESPA in 2016 when Professor Paul Kennedy invited her to become secretary of the association.

Founding Chair - Professor Paul Kennedy

Professor Paul Kennedy, founding chair of ESPA, received tributes from colleagues across the world on his untimely passing in September 2016. Dr Jane Duff was requested to be Interim Chair until the BAGM, Oxford 2017.

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